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Stitch Thru Time Old Fashioned Thanksgiving aprons for the Thanksgiving and Halloween Holidays
Decorate yourself in a stunning apron and wear it through Christmas and the New year
Cook lasting memories for the family this Thanksgiving season and enjoy the holidays
Made in America

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Retro apron made in America

1940 Old Fashioned Pumpkins

Thanksgiving 1940 Old Fashioned Pumpkins apron number 2159 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl #33021 $39.95 large $44.95.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday this season and cook up not only good food but lasting memories for Thanksgiving with the family. Pumpkins, sunflowers berries and a burst of flowers will make this something you will enjoy for years. The old fashioned rick rack on the pockets and bottom add to the nostalgia and best of all it is washable for easy clean up.

Aunt Violet Old Fashioned Pumpkin

Thaksgiving Aunt Violet Old Fashioned Pumpkin apron number 2161 $54.95 extra large $59.95 Old fashioned cobbler apron with pumpkins sunflowers and gold gingham apron ties. You will think you are in a Norman Rockwell painting when cooking this season for Thanksgiving Halloween and Christmas or just year round.

Old Fashioned Aprons you can wear all year

Grandma Tractor Harvest

Vintage tractor harvest apron number 2290 $54.95 extra large $59.95 Red and blue vintage tractors harvesting apples pumpkins sunflowers and corn stalks. What a fun apron to wear not just during the holidays but year round.


Tractor Harvest



Large Heating Pad Made in America

Go to Stitch Thru Time Instagram to hear our customers tell you how wonderful our heating pads are.

Large Heating Pad, click for more views

Extra Large and Large Rectangular Heating Pads
2 sizes
Extra large Heating Pads #801 10" x 26" $42.95 Large Rectangular Heating Pad #802 10" x 18" $34.95

Large microwave heating pads with pockets for even heat.
A soft flannel pillowcase comes in plaid or a beautiful floral material and each pillowcase cover has a closure on one end to keep the heating in.


1940 Autumn Leaf

Thanksgiving 1940 Autumn Leaf with gold gingham apron number 1083 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl 298 $39.95 large $44.95.

1940 in autumn leaf with leaves of gold and multicolored brown and red berries, you will be a bouquet of fall colors.
Gold and white contrasting gingham with matching rick rack add to the beauty and it can be worn throughout Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays or anytime of the year.

Autumn Leaf

Close up of Autumn Leaf

Autumn leaves on you in a pretty apron

1940 Autumn Leaf All Over

Thanksgiving 1940 Autumn Leaf All Over apron 2061 $54.95, extra large $59.95 girl 316 $39.95, child large $44.95

You won't find these pretty leaves outside year round, but you can enjoy them along with holly and pine during the Thanksgiving holidays adorning yourself in this pretty 1940 style. You will be the Thanksgiving decoration this year and for years to come. Not only will you look nice but can enjoy your time in the kitchen while keeping your clothes clean.

Cook up some memories this holiday season for the family.

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Apron with rick rack and long gingham ties.

Washable aprons that will last your for many happy memories


Grandma Thanksgiving aprons

Grandma Old Fashioned Pumpkins

Thanksgiving Grandma apron in old fashioned pumpkins number 2160 $54.95 extra large $59.95. Hang it on a hook in the kitchen for a holiday decoration until you are ready to cook and put it on.

Look beautiful this Thanksgiving apron wearing something you will enjoy while keeping clean and looking darling in a comfortable old fashioned cobbler grandma style. This rests on your shoulders and is covered with harvest pumpkins and flowers . You will not feel the pull on your neck as it rests on your shoulders and you will love the way it fits. Be ready for the holiday season and do the cooking for that fun time of year and not only decorate yourself but keep clean at the same time.

1940 Pumpkin Harvest

Thanksgiving 1940 Pumpkin Harvest Apron number 169 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl 207 $39.95 large $44.95.

Pumpkins gourds sunflowers corn stalks in a georgeous apron for the holiday with all the things you think about during harvest time. Pumpkins surrounded by corn gourds and pumpkin leaves. Mother and daughter matching ones to wear throughout the holidays.

Angel Christmas Apron

Grandma Angels on Cream

Christmas Grandma apron Angels on cream number 2139 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Grandma style with angels on a soft cream background and golden stars with angels ringing bells from the garland. You may have pretty angels with you year round. It is wonderful for Thanksgiving Christmas or anytime you want angels close by.

Ivory trim and gold rick rack accent the neck and pockets. You may choose round or square pockets with this when ordering.



Aunt Violet in Blue Angels

Christmas Aunt Violet apron in Blue Angels number 2125 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Enjoy angels year round in a beautiful old fashioned longer cobbler style. Aunt Violet is available with a deep blue background and angels holding a garland with golden bells on the end.. Gold stars in the background really make them stand out. You can have angels year round with you. Long gold gingham ties add to the look with gold trim and rick rack around the neck and on stylish pockets.

Grandma Cherry Yellow Polka Dot

Grandma with Cherries #2179 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Grandma style with cherries on a yellow background with white polka dots and red polka dot pockets really make this pop. Long red polka dot ties finish this off perfectly. You won't just have a cherry pie for the holidays but you will have cherries on you.

1940 Cherry with red polka dots

1940 Cherry with yellow polka dots #2178 $54.95, extra large $59.95.

Something to go with your cherry pie. Red Cherries on a pretty yellow background with white polka dots is oh so cute. It looks like you just picked it off your cherry tree. Decorate yourself with this retro cherry apron and when you are not wearing it hang it on a hook and decorate the kitchen.

Long red polka dot ties with white polka dots are on the top and pockets that really stand out on this beautiful yellow background.

Grandma in Good Old Days

Grandma apron in Good old days number 2070 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Good old days is a comfortable old fashioned style that rests on your shoulders with pretty round or square pockets.

Darling pictures of a little girl with her teddy bear sitting by a clothes basket clotheslines ironing boards an old wash tub and old fashioned ringer washers. The background is a cream with blue trim and old fashioned rick rack.

Pretty hand made quilts hang out to dry on the clothesline are just some of the nostalgic scenes in this beautiful retro style.

Vintage Hair Wrap in Red Gingham

Vintage Hair Wrap Red Gingham and Red Polka Dot 2222 $15.95

Women hair tie in red gingham with red polka dot. Ties around your head so it fits comfortably. Machine washable

2223 Pink Gingham
2224 Blue Gingham

Aunt Violet in  Red Polka Dots

Aunt Violet Red polka dot all over apron number 2149 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Aunt Violet in red polka dot. Old Fashioned cobbler woman style in red polka dots. A retro look but pretty with the red background with white polka dots and darling pockets. Long ties in white stand out as does the white trim.

red Polka Dot close up

1940 Enchaned Halloween

Halloween 1940 Enchanted Halloween aprons number 2189 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl 33026 child large $44.95.

Can be worn for Thanksgiving and the Holidays but it is a very limited edition when gone it is no longer available.

Classic and very stylish with beautiful black white and ivory decorated pumpkins. Silver and shimmering gold highlights with black and white gingham.

Enchanted Halloween


Black Polka Dots Grandma apron

Grandma Black Polka Dot All Over

Grandma in black polka dot all over number 2102 $54.95, extra large $59.95 It comes in square or round pockets.

Black polka dots all over with black trim and black polka dot ties is perfect for that little black dress or with any outfit. It rests comfortably on your shoulders and does not pull on your neck. You will love the way this fits, it is very comfortable and what a fun way to keep you clean in the kitchen.







1940 Poinsetta

Christmas 1940 Golden Poinsettia apron number 2016 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girls #304 $39.95 large $44.95

1940 style in this pretty Poinsettia with beautiful gold thread is really pretty. Something beautiful top wear for the holidays or throughout the year. Celebrate New Years Eve in gold and silver on you.

Decorate yourself for the Holidays in gold and silver poinsettia.

Golden Poinsettia

1940 in Golden Poinsettia number 2016 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl 304 $39.95 child large $44.95

Gorgeous Christmas material in olden poinsettia with gold and silver threads in this beautiful Victorian one. Very elegant for the holidays, decorate yourself and keep yourself clean at the same time.

The ivory background really sets this off and it is a stunning style.

You may get this pretty material in any of our other styles.

1940 in Cupcake

Christmas 1940 apron in Cupcake number 2093 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl 33005 $39.95 large $44.95.

Thanksgiving with fun in the kitchen for Mom Grandma and your girls. A beautiful fun material with decorated cupcakes and green polka dots. This Thanksgiving and Holiday wear something fun and uplifting or year round you may enjoy this and best of all it comes in woman and child sizes.

This is very cute, it will bring a smile to cupcake lovers. Beautifully decorated cupcakes on a soft green background with white polka dots. Wear it when you are baking your cupcakes and you will get fun ideas on how to decorate cupcakes for Christmas.


Christmas Cupcakes

Close Up Cupcakes

Close Up of Cupcake





Wooden rolling pin

Child Pastry Set

Kids can enjoy cooking with you while using their own small wooden rolling pin. Made to last for years just like the adult one. I bought one for my grand kids and they are all in their thirties now and use it for their kids.

Rolling pin made at the same factory as large rolling pins, same good quality.

Child Pastry Set

Kids Rolling Pin and Child Pastry Set $19.95

Enjoy baking with your kids using this small rolling pin and child pastry set. Good quality child rolling pin with removable cover is perfect for their small hands. Included is a small child rolling pin cookie cutter small pie plate canvas mat and recipe card.
An heirloom that will last for years

1940  in Christmas Caraolers

1940 in Christmas Carolers number 2027 $54.95, extra large $59.95 girl 307 $39.95 large $44.95.

1940 in nostalgic Christmas Carolers. A Soft blue background with singing children and a cute dog. Old Fashioned lamp post and Victorian dressed children. All we can say is cute. It will remind you of reminiscent scenes of Christmas past with carolers, Christmas trees and Victorian dressed children looking in the window at toys. It will help you to have a fun Christmas you will enjoy. This cute material is available in all our different styles.

Close Up Christmas Carolers

Close up christmas carolers

Get ready for Thanksgiving with this beautiful outfit to be worn throughout the Christmas and Thanksgiving Holidays.





1940 Christmas Aprons

Christmas 1940 apron Trimming the tree number 2278 is $54.95 extra large $59.95, girls 33040 $39.95, child large $44.95 Ladies in flowing silk dresses and high heels with presents while decorating the tree. A retro style with red polka dots and contrasting rick rack and trim. This might be the only time you have high heels on while decorating. It is really cute. Get a matching one for mom and daughter and bake lasting memories during the Holidays.

Trimming the tree

Trimming the Tree comes in all our old fashioned aprons


Decorate the tree in heels and a flowing red satin dress


Grandma trimming the tree

Christmas Grandma apronn Trimming the Tree number 2277 $54.95, extra large $59.95

Retro dressed women decorating and with beautifully wrapped packages. Have fun this holiday wearing this while keeping clean and looking great. Red polka dot pockets add to the retro look.

Trimming the tree close up


Thanksgiving pumpkin holiday apron

Grandma Pumpkin Harvest

Thanksgiving Grandma cobbler apron in Pumpkin Harvest number 163 $54.95, extra large $59.95. Order with square or round pockets

Harvest gold with pumpkins pumpkin leaves, small blossoms on a pale gold background will put you in the mood to make all those fun dishes for the fall.
Perfect for Thanksgiving or throughout all the Holidays and is pretty enough to wear year round. Long gold gingham ties with rick rack around the neck and gathered round pockets. You will love the way this rests on your shoulders for added comfort.

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