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Old fashioned polka dot aprons
Red gingham with red polka dots in an apron that covers front and sides

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Red polka dot and gingham apron

Aunt Rosie in Red Polka Dot ruffle

Aunt Rosie full ruffle aprons in red polka dots style #2100

Retro red polka dots in the Aunt Rosie style a beautiful full ruffle apron with gathered round red gingham pockets for a feminine look. White trim around the bottom for a stylish flair and rick rack on the pockets and top is the finishing touch.

Ruffles make us feel pretty and this is very full and flowing with long ties for a bow in the back or front depending on your size. The contrasting pockets stand out against the red background and make them pop.

Old time aprons Made in America


Black polka dot apron with red gingham

Grandma in Black polka Dot with red trim

Grandma style in black and white polka dots with red gingham pockets number 1097

Get this cute contrasting red on black polka dot. It really pops and will stand out whenever you wear it. Choose your pocket shape round or square when ordering.

Red gingham apron ties and pockets with red rick rack that stands out on the black polka dot background. One of a kind apron that keeps you clean in the kitchen.



Retro soda fountain apron with red polka dots

1940 in  Soda Fountain

1940 in Old Fashioned Sofa Fountain apron number 2195 $54.95 extra large $59.95 and girl sizes 33027 $39.95 large $44.95

Old Fashioned soda fountain with shakes, hot dogs, root beef floats ice cream Sunday, ice cream cones hamburgers and french fries with retro red polka dot on top and pockets. You'll love this and it will remind you of the good old days.


Black polka dot apron

Grandma Black Polka Dot All Over

Black polka dot all over Grandma apron number 2102

This is shown with round pockets but also comes with square pockets you choose when ordering. A perfect thing to wear with your little black dress or around the house to keep your clothes clean. Old fashioned cobbler apron covers the front and sides.


Aunt Violet Red Polka Dot


Aunt Violet Red Polka Dot all over apron Ladies number 2149 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Aunt Violet in red polka dot. Old Fashioned cobbler style with a deep red background and white polka dots all over including the pockets. The white trim really sets off the pretty shaped pockets and it rests comfortably on your shoulder for comfort and is very pretty.

Cobbler apron just like Aunt Bee.

Aprons Black Polka Dot Red Gingham Pockets red trim & ric rac

Black and White Polka Dot apron with red gingham pockets number 1097 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Black background and white polka dots with red gingham pockets and ties. Red trim stands out on the black polka dots, it really pops. You will not only have comfort as this hangs on your shoulders but also one that is very retro. Hang it on a hook in the kitchen for decorations.


Black and red polka dots apron with black trim and rick rack


Grandma Red Polka Dot with black polka dot pockets

Old fashioned Grandma apron red polka dots with black polka dot pockets number #2000 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Black and red polka dots really set this off. Black polka dot pockets and black trim make this stand out.
Enjoy the comfort while keeping clean and looking great. The ties come in red gingham now, not black black dots.



Red gingham 1940 apron with contrasting red polka dots


1940 in Red Polka Dot

1940 Red polka dot apron with red gingham pockets, style number women 189 girl 251

Red and white polka dots with red gingham pockets and on the top top with long ties to wrap around the front and tie or in the back. Comes in a variety of sizes.
This will take you back to the 1930s 1940s and 1950s but with all the conveniences of modern times.

1940 red poka dot red gingham girl petite

1940 red polka dot and red gingham for girls and mom with red gingham pockets and top, above child apron number 251
Happy kids that will love looking like mother or grandmother. This is shown in size petite and there is plenty more room for her to grown into it. Get this in matching mother daughter ones. She can dress like Mommy.

ruffle half aprons

1948 Ruffle polka dot half apron women number 40042 $62.95 extra large $67.95 girl 4056 $60.95

The 1948 retro half apron comes with round or square pockets. The above one is shown with square but go to our 1948 page and you will see more, maybe another type of material you might like this in. You can wear it year around or during the Christmas or Thanksgiving holiday.

Remember mother wearing this and you wanting one just like it, now you can. Maybe you did have a smaller version but now you can pick your fabric and style in a variety of fabrics. Enjoy time with the family while looking pretty as a picture.

Grandma in Blue Gingham with Blue Polka Dots

Blue polka dot Grandma apron with white and blue polka dot pockets number 2003 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Order this with round or square pockets at check out and you can always count on long ties at Stitch Thru Time. A very comfortable way to keep clean and look good at the same time. Notice how it will rest on your shoulders for comfort and also beauty.

1940 in Blue Gingham Blue Polka Dots

1940 Blue gingham with blue polka dots in women apron number 135 or child number 306

All the fun things you think about when you think of the past in a design you will enjoy and use. The two fabrics compliment each other and the trim sets it off. The way this sets on your shoulders puts less stress on your neck. This is not like the modern type that have a small strip of fabric that tugs on your neck.


1940 in Blue White Poka Dots

1940 Sky blue white polka dot shown in little girl number 425 $39.95 large $44.95 or a matching adult number 1020 $54.95 extra large $59.95

She will look adorable in this. This is shown in size petite with plenty of room for her to grow. A place to put her little hands and a tie for a pretty bow in the back. Your little one will love being with you while she helps you make fun things.


Christmas apron with polka dots

1940 Christmas

1940 Trimming the tree Christmas aprons 2278 $54.95 extra large $59.95 available in girl sizes also
Christmas trees with presents and ladies in long red velvet dresses decorating the tree. A retro style for someone who dreams of wearing high heels and long red gloves while enjoying decorating for the season with red polka dot pockets and top.

To finish it off in red rick rack and trim. A one of a kind outfit for you to enjoy.
Get matching decorations on you for Mom and daughter, a lasting memory for many years.


Trimming the tree

Trimming the tree

Valentine Heart in Pink Polka Dot

Valentine lace heart aprons in Pink Polka Dots number 2120

This is also available in girls sizes with the same pretty lace number 33010. Pink and white with contrasting white and pink with hearts for pockets and lace surrounding them and the heart on the top. You don't have to wait for Valentines day to look like a sweetheart, just put this on. The white on pink stands as a pretty contrast for an elegant look.

1940 in Pink Polka Dot Mother Daughter

Pink polka dot and pink gingham 1940 apron women number 33002 girls 20002

The above child one is shown in size petite but does come in small and large also. The adult size comes in petite small medium large and extra large for all our different body types. The two types of material mixed with the gingham pockets and ties will be a favorite.


Pink polka dot Christmas stocking

Pink Polka Dot Christmas Stocking

Pink Polka Dot Pink and pink gingham Christmas Stocking number 702

Hang this from your Christmas tree or hearth this hear as you create the memories to last a lifetime. These Christmas stockings are decorated on both sides so you can hang either way and are Washable.

Something that will last and can be handed down. A stocking that is lined and ready to be stuffed with all the fun things you hope to get Christmas morning.

Made in America


Snowflakes polka dots and red gingham

Red Polka Dot Snowflake Christmas Stockings

Red polka dot and red gingham with snowflake Christmas stockings number 711 $39.95 Fully lined

Who doesn't want a homemade Christmas stocking for the ultimate Christmas tree decorations. Christmas socks that can hang either way as they are finished on both sides. You may hang it from your mantle or your personalized stockings will be perfect on your Christmas tree. This stocking is lined and will be one you can pass down for generations and is washable.


Blue Polka Dot Christmas Stocking

Blue Polka Dot Christmas stocking 704 $39.95. Blue and white Victorian boot

Blue Polka Dots with white snowflakes on a soft blue background.
White rick rack and blue pom poms add to this lined that will become a heirloom and is Washable for many years of enjoyment. Very lovely for memories that will last.

Countdown Calandar Christmas Stocking

Countdown Calendar Christmas stocking with Red Polka Dots on top and heel number 714 $39.95 Fully lined

A countdown calendar and retro red and white dots. Red pom poms add to this pretty stocking with the finishing touch of red rick rack washable and fully lined. Make memories that will last for years with your custom stockings.

1940 Cupcake

1940 Christmas Cupcake Apron Ladies number 2093, Girls number 33005

Matching mom and daughter outfits for fun with the family while baking with your loved ones. The little girl one has pretty round pockets and moms are square. Delightful decorated cupcakes that will give you ideas as you decorate your own cookies or cakes this holiday season. Its like wearing a decorative cookbook.

1944 in Red Polka Dot

1944 Retro Red Polka Dot Women Half Aprons number 374

It doesn't get better then this, elegant and flowing with large pockets. You will look beautiful in it any time. White trim and long ties make it fun to wear. There are large pockets with white trim that shows them off. White around the outside of this with rick rack make it a oh so pretty fun style to wear.

1940 Black Polka Dot Mother Daughter

1940 black and white polka dots with contrasting white polka dot pockets, adult number 1023 and girls 261

Black and white is a very popular style that is timeless, it is not only stylish but universal to all occasions. White long ties that can be pulled around front or in the back in a pretty bow. The above child one is shown in size petite.


Straight out of the 1950s and 1960s. The white is set off by the black background and looks fantastic. It covers well and looks very retro.

Retro Half  Black Polka Dot

Retro black polka dot half aprons number 392 and girl matching 436

White rick rack make this black and white polka dot pop. Large pockets and long ties just like the good old fashioned ones you remember your mother wearing. The rick rack stands out against the black with white ties. If you want it with black trim and rick rack instead of the white let us know.



Soda Fountain Half apron

Cafe half Apron

Cafe Soda fountain Half Aprons with red gingham long ties the only thing is missing is the jute box.
A retro half style with retro red polka dots number 40051. The old cafe you used to go to was filled with hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream and root beer floats. It will remind you of all the good times and you can enjoy it. If you aren't from that era you can make your own fun times. This one will bring a smile to your face.




Girl in pink polka dots also comes in women sizes

 Pink Polka Dot

Pink polka dot and white polka dot on the pockets 1970 apron little girl number 432 $39.95 child large $44.95 ladies 1021 $54.95 extra large $59.95

This comes in women and girl sizes but the ladies has the square pockets in the 1940 style. Be pretty in pink.

Aunt Violet Black Polka Dot all over with white trim

Aunt Violet Black Polka Dot all over with white trim and rick rack number 2148 $54.95, extra large $59.95. It also comes in black trim and rick rack. Black polka dot all over shown in extra large. Retro black polka dot all over with white trim and rick rack on old fashioned pockets.


Aunt Violet Black Polka Dot with white polka dot pockets
Aunt Violet Black Polka Dot with White Polka Dot Pockets woman apron number 2076 $54.95, extra large $59.95

Black polka dot with white polka dot pockets and white trim. Apron strings come in all white not shown in picture. Old Fashioned cobbler style with retro polka dots, white trim makes the black polka dots stand out.


Aunt Violet Cherry Yellow Polka Dot

Cherry apron with yellow and white polka dots in Aunt Violet number 2182 $54.95 extra large $59.95

What could be better then this, you can have fresh cherries year round in this darling cobbler style with red polka dot pockets. This is very comfortable to wear as it doesn't pull on your neck and covers your clothes to keep them clean while you look darling. The trim and rick rack make it a good old fashioned fun look.


1940 Cherry with polka dots

1940 in Cherries with yellow polka dots women apron number 2178 $54.95 extra large $59.95 matching girls 33029 $39.95 child large $44.95

Retro 1940 in cherry with yellow polka dot in the background and red polka dot pockets and ties. This will go perfectly with your cherry pie. Red Cherries on yellow polka dots oh so cute. It looks like you just picked it off your cherry tree.

1940 in red polka dots and christmas stockings, click for larger viewred polka dot

Red Polka Dot and Christmas Stocking on the top and pockets 1940 apron 1091 $54.95 extra large $59.95 and girls 301 $39.95, large $44.95

1940 Christmas aprons in red polka dot with Christmas Stockings on top and pockets. Red gingham ties come with this instead of the polka dot ones and white rick rack on pockets and bottom with white trim. Pockets are large for your hands, and top fits comfortably over your shoulders.



White and red polka dot 1940 apron

1940 in Red Poka Dot / White Poka Dot

1940 Red and white polka dots number 1022 $54.95 extra large $59.95, Girl 257 $39.95 and large $44.95

Retro red polka dots with white polka dots on the pockets and top. The ties come in all white not the polka dots. A good quality material with an old fashioned flair. Get aprons for the whole family as this also comes in the child sizes.

Polka dot face mask

Face Mask red polka dot

Retro Red polka dot Face mask number F13 $12.00 buy 2 or more $11.00 each mix or match fabrics, go to our face mask page for some of the face mask fabric.

Comfortable adjustable face mask with three layers, two cloth and lining inside for added protection. The adjustable elastic with a pull so you can make it larger or smaller depending on your size.

We can also make it up in our other pretty fabric. You may get a matching face mask with your apron. If you don't see it on our order page call us at 435-648-2141 to request it.

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