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Stitch Thru Time Stitch Thru Time, Old Fashioned Aprons, Christmas Stockings and heating pads. We specialize in aprons to make memories with your family and loved ones. Christmas Thanksgiving and Halloween aprons or beautiful ones for you to enjoy
Heating pads for the person who has everything including an achy body.

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Customer comments

Stitch Thru Time is a woman owned business located in Southern Utah, United States of America. We started at shows in the 60s selling heating pads and everyone wanted our aprons so we designed a line of aprons that reflect the aprons from the early to mid 19th century. All of our designs are original and are a part of our heritage. We have had to change them some to make sure we have different sizes as we don't believe one size fits all. We still strive to make sure they are the styles of the 1900s.

We also started our line of microwave heating pads in the 1980's and have a specialty line for different parts of your body. If you go to our neck heating pad page you will see the one for the neck lower back arm or anywhere where you need deep heat to your muscles and body.

We expanded to old fashioned Christmas stockings that are fully lined to last for years and are washable.

All of our products are made in America.

We are located close to scenic Zion National Park in Utah, a perfect place to be creative. We sell our custom designed microwave heating pads and aprons all over the world. We have even had our aprons on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post and the Nanny wore our heart apron on The View and we furnished our 1948 half apron for Kate Spade's grand opening in Hong Kong. These are just a few of times we have felt privileged to share our aprons with celebrities. We enjoy the wonderful feedback we get from customers who appreciate our old fashioned aprons and heating pads.

We also have old fashioned toys that are made in America. The few shows we do and demonstrate our jacks we have many women who play with them and compete to see who is the best jack player. They usually buy them for their grand kids so they can share the same game they used to play at recess in school.

Order over our secure order form by clicking on ordering, or you may call us to order over the telephone.

To Order by phone call our customer service at 435-648-2141.

There is a 20 per cent restocking fee. All returns must be pre authorized. We have a 30 day money back guarantee on all merchandise unless your order was personalized with names, is a special order or has been worn. If you have a problem we will work with you as much as we can to make it right.

Stitch Thru Time handcrafts old fashioned aprons, microwave heating pads, neck heating pads and cold pads all of the old fashioned toys are made in America. We continue to expand our line of therapeutic heating pads as well as vintage style aprons

Made in America

You may contact us by e-mail at
Telephone 435-648-2141
We would love to talk to you, so if you have any questions about sizes or just want to order over the phone give us a call.

Our mailing address
Stitch Thru Time
P.O. Box 219
Glendale, Utah 84729


Our special designed heating pads are the best on the market.
We have neck back and large heating pads that should last you for years. Whenever we take our neck heating pads to a craft fair they sell out, they are just that good.


We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card. We do not store any credit card information.


Our heart apron was on the cover of the Washington Post magazine May 4 2008

Heart apron on the Washington Post magazine

Microwave neck heating pad

Go to Stitch Thru Time Instagram to see our customers tell you how wonderful this is

Neck Heating Pad

Neck heating pad for your neck back sciatic nerve and anywhere that hurts. When I had breast cancer they took out some lymph nodes and it was very painful. I used the neck heating pad and wrapped it around my arm to my arm pit and it was very soothing. It will also wrap around your hip knee or leg. I also used it on my lungs when I had pleurisy and my sciatic nerve when it hurt.

Ruffle half apron

1948 Ruffle half apron

1948 Ruffle Half Aprons number 4012 $62.95, extra large $67.95 girl apron $60.95

This is the apron worn by the servers at the Kate Spade store opening in Hong Kong

but in all white.

1948 Ruffle half apron in mother and daughter sizes. It is so pretty with ruffles, you can get it with round or square pockets.
The above apron is shown in a child size, this pretty ruffle half apron comes in many of our other fabrics.

Santa Claus apron

Grandma Santa Claus apron

Santa Claus apron number 2291 Retro Santa Claus making his list with retro ornaments and decorated Christmas trees on a beautiful red background. A must for Christmas, this is one of the prettiest Santa Claus aprons we have had.

Retro Blue Gingham Half Apron, click for more half aprons

Old Fashioned blue gingham retro half apron women number 302 $52.95 ex large $57.95 Girls 407 $45.95
Retro blue gingham half apron. This pretty blue gingham is available in woman and girl matching aprons. Large blue and white rick rack set off the pockets and bottom of this fun kitchen apron. Girl above is five years old and still has plenty of room to grow.

Aunt Rose in Good Old Days

Aunt Rose apron in Good old days, full and elegant to wear 2135 girl 20004

Wash day with all the fun things you would think should be included from hanging clothes on the line to wringer washers quilts on a pretty warm background. Ironing boards and little girls outside with the clothes basket. One of a kind that you will love to have.

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