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Face Mask with four layers and it is very comfortable.
Soft elastic that has a adjustable pull to make it bigger or smaller for added comfort.
A large variety of fabric to choose from and Made in America

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Stylish Fashion Face Mask

Notice how it fits above your nose so you are not having to pull it up all the time, it stays in place.

Beautiful face masks in our pretty material, 4 layers for added comfort.

Made in America

Face Mask red polka dot

Retro Red polka dot Face mask F13 $14.00 mix and match fabrics

Face mask with four layers does not go in and out when you talk, is very comfortable. Soft adjustable elastic with a pull to adjust it smaller or larger for a comfortable fit. You have four layers of protection, two layers of cloth and two layers lined in between.

We make these in our pretty fabrics so why not enjoy yourself in a stylish mask that is comfortable. If there is a fabric on our web site you would like a face mask in call us at 435-648-2141 and we will make it up for you.

Just throw them in the washing machine for easy cleaning. Use it over and over.

F10 American Flag
F11 Red gingham
F12 Pink Polka Dot
F13 Red polka dot
F14 Blue Polka Dot
F15 Trimming the Tree
F16 Old Trucks
F17 Black polka dot
F18 Soda Fountain
F19 Cherry and polka dots
F20 Red Truck
F21 Old Fashioned USA
F22 Golden Autumn Leaf
F23 Old Fashioned USA
F24 Golden Autumn Leaf
F25 Christmas on the farm
F26 Pink roses and pink polka dots
F27 Lane of Liberty
F28 Angels on cream
F29 Blue angels with wings
F30 Christmas country church
F31 Hokus Pokus with purple spiders

Black Polka Dot
Black polka dot

Cherry yellow polka dots

Cherry and white polka dots on yellow

Old Trucks

Old Trucks

red Polka Dot close up
Red polka dot



Pink Roses Pink Polka Dots
Pink roses and pink polka dots




Old Fashioned USA

Close up Old Fashioned USA

Trimming the tree close up
Trimming the tree

Christmas on the farm apron
Christmas on the Farm
Red Truck and Dog Christmas Apron
Red Trucks and dogs

Soda fountain
Soda Fountain


Close up of Hokus Pokus black orange gingham with purple spiders

Hokus Pokus with purple spiders


Christmas Country Close Up

Christmas country church


Lane opf Liberty
Land of Liberty
Angels on Cream
Angels on cream
Blue Angels with Wings
Blue Angels with Wings

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