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Stitch Thru Time Halloween apron with witches spiders candy corn black cats ghosts
Retro Halloween apron to decorate you along with your house this holiday
Old fashioned Halloween apron the perfect costume for mother and daughter

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Halloween aprons made in America

1940 Halloween apron, click for larger view

1940 Halloween apron number 1093 $54.95 extra large $59.95 Child 303 $39.95, child large $44.95 A one of a kind apron

The Cutest Decoration will be on you in fanciful yellow orange gingham with black spiders. Assorted pockets of witches, pumpkins and all the things you think of on Halloween.
The top of this pretty retro style is a combination of black cats, pumpkins and much more.
Decorate yourself and the house, it can be your Halloween costume throughout all the Holidays. Black trim and black rick rack make this perfect. The apron ties come in black gingham.

Made in America and washable

1940 Halloween top

1940 Top

Special design for Stitch Thru Time

Neck and lower back heating pad. Turn it upside down for a perfect fit on your lower back

Hokus Pokus Halloween apron

Hokus Pokus Halloween Apron, click for larger view

Halloween Hokus Pokus Women apron 144 $54.95 extra large $59.95.

Fun for a Halloween decoration on you this Holiday season with black spiders on orange and yellow gingham with fanciful pockets of witches, pumpkins, ghosts, the moon, bats and goblins.
Each one has a variety of pockets with different pictures and sizes. You'll love the look with rick rack around the top of the apron and matching trim on arms, neck and top of pockets. Very old fashioned pattern you can enjoy throughout the Holidays. The ties come in black gingham.

If you are a fan this is a must, not so scary but fun. A great start of the Holiday season so enjoy while your cooking all those gruesome goodies, a great way to jump start the Holidays. Each pocket of the Hokus Pokus is a different fun scene with witches, pumpkins, or ghosts. They all come with orange gingham and little spiders on the gingham. Rick rack around the neck gives it that old fashioned look. Hokus Pokus rests comfortably on your shoulders so it doesn't pull on your neck. It comes in small, medium large and extra large.

1940 close up halloween pocket

Pocket close up, one of five different pocket styles of witches, pumpkins and other fun ghoulish things. Decorate yourself in a fun costume while keeping clean in the kitchen.

Black spiders on orange and yellow gingham with fanciful pockets of witches, pumpkins, ghosts, moon, bats and goblins. You will be the perfect Halloween decoration in your house in something that will fit comfortably on your shoulders and it doesn't pull on your neck.

Witch apron

Pretty Little Witches

Halloween Grandma apron in Pretty Little Witches 2282 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Absolutely darling witches holding their black cat, tending bees, harvesting pumpkins in their witches hats. A soft lilac background with white polka dots flowers mushrooms and a variety of cute things. You will want to wear this year round it is so darling. The black gingham sets it off perfectly.

1940 Pretty Little Witches

1940 Halloween apron in Pretty Little Witches 2283 with black gingham on the top and pockets $54.95 extra large $59.95

Pretty little witches tending bees, holding their black cat witches picking pumpkins and in the garden with their black witches hat is something you will love so much you will want to wear it year round.

Neck heating pads

Neck heating pad $30.95

It moulds to your neck and shoulders and the deep heat goes into your muscles for relief from pain. Wrap it around your knee ankle arm or lungs

Pretty little witches

You will not find anything cuter then this, witches tending bees gathering pumpkins with their black cat. Just a darling apron you can wear year round it is so darling.


Neck Heating Pad contours to your neck,

Neck heating pad comes with a soft Flannel Plaid or Floral washable pillowcase and it contours to your neck shoulder and upside down is the perfect lower back heating pad for only $30.95, a good price for something that will last and you can use over and over.

Dog not included

Lg Heating pad

Extra Large heating pad 10" x 26" number 801 $42.95
Large Heating Pad 10" x 18 1/2" number 802 $34.95
Sizes are approximate

We have never had any of our heating pads returned, only orders for more to give as gifts.


Hokus Pokus black / orangez

Hokus Pokus Halloween apron Black and orange gingham 1052 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Hokus Pokus in black and orange gingham with purple spiders, really cute. The fanciful pockets come with different scenes of witches, and pumpkin people.

Decorate yourself while you start your Holiday cooking with black trim and rick rack The above is shown in a women large.

Close up of Hokus Pokus black orange gingham with purple spiders

Hokus Pokus close up with purple spiders. It is hard to tell from the apron picture at the left to see just how cute this is. A very unique apron you can only get at Stitch Thru Time.




Close Up 1940 Cats, Bats, Witches

Close Up Cats Bats Witches with black gingham on purple spiders.






Halloween Aprons


1940 Cats Bats Witches Halloween Apron, click for larger view

Halloween 1940 apron Cats, Bats and Witches 2057 $54.95, extra large $59.95 and girl 314 $39.95, child large $44.95.

1940 Cats Bats Witches Pumpkins and the Halloween moon. Halloween will take on a new meaning when you are wearing this. It is whimsical and is a perfect to decorations on you or hang it on the wall to decorate your kitchen. Apron ties come in black and white gingham.

Hokus Pokus Apron

Halloween Hokus Pokus apron 144 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Orange and yellow gingham check with small black spiders, yellow rick rack and trim. You won't find this anywhere else but at Stitch Thru Time, limited material.

The pockets have witches, pumpkins, ghosts and everything you think of when you think about Halloween. The pockets are sometimes different sizes and sometimes the same, which add to the fun look. They come in a variety of scenes some witches pumpkins just plain fun.

1940 close up halloween pocket

Close up one five of the Hokus Pokus pockets

There are five different darling Halloween scenes of witches brewing up a spell pumpkins spiders frogs and the purple goes perfect with the orange gingham background. It as different pictures and off sized pockets on the apron of fanciful Halloween scenes.

USA Apron


Aunt Sophie Halloween apron.

Aunt Sophie Halloween Apron

Aunt Sophie Halloween aprons 2007 $65.95 Comes in small medium and large

This is stylish and a great way to spend your time in the kitchen making cookies for your little monsters.
It is orange and yellow with little black spiders on the gingham. The pockets have cute pictures of pumpkins, witches, ghosts, cats, frogs, spiders and all the fun things of Halloween. The rick rack and trim to finish it off.


Old Fashioned Jumbo Jacks with 2 Rubber Balls #200 and a white cotton carrying pouch $7.49

Jacks with 2 rubber balls like the jacks you had when you were a kid. Heavy duty jacks, good quality like they used to be. Pick up jacks like in the good old days.
Made in America.

1940 Old Fashioned Pumpkins

1940 Old Fashioned Pumpkins apron 2159 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl number 33021 $39.95 child large $44.95

Look beautiful at the table and in the kitchen all the way through until Christmas. Pumpkins, sunflowers, berries and a burst of flowers will make this something you will enjoy for years. It is washable.

Thanksgiving aprons

Grandma Old Fashioned Pumpkins

Grandma apron in old fashioned pumpkins $54.95 extra large $59.95.
You may order it with round or square pockets

Enjoy in a comfortable old fashioned grandma apron. Harvest pumpkins, sunflowers and gourds and a design that will rest on your shoulders not your neck. You'll feel ready for the season in this that will not only decorate you, but keep you clean. Pretty gold gingham ties with rick rack on the top with gold gingham apron ties.

Grandma Old Fashioned Pumpkins

Grandma Thanksgiving apron Old fashioned pumpkins $54.95 for ex large $59.95

A very comfortable old fashioned cobbler style with harvest pumpkins and flowers that rests on your shoulders not your neck. You'll feel ready for the fun things you enjoy this time of year in a design that is beautiful and will keep you clean. Pretty gold gingham ties with rick rack on the top and on your pocket.

Old Fashioned Pumpkins close up

Close Up Old Fashioned Pumpkins Bring the harvest and Holidays into your home

Get ready for the Holidays in our old fashioned aprons.

These stunning holiday aprons with pumpkins, pumpkin leaves and rose colored flowers and sunflowers on a beautiful background will be an apron all through the holidays for many years, or all year round.

1940 Autumn Leaf All Over

Thanksgiving 1940 Autumn leaf all over apron 2061 $54.95, extra large $59.95 girl matching 316 $39.95 large $44.95
You won't find these pretty leaves outside year round, but you can enjoy them along with holly and pine adorning yourself. Not only will you look nice, but you will enjoy your time in the kitchen while keeping your clothes clean. Washable for easy cleaning and will last as will your happy memories.

1940 Autumn Leaf, click for larger view

Thanksgiving 1940 Autumn leaf with gold gingham pockets and top 1083 $54.95, extra large $59.95 and child 298 $39.95 girl large $44.95

Fall is in the air and you don't need a rake to enjoy this pretty style with gold and white pockets and top. A spray of autumn leaves gold and multicolored brown with red berries, a bouquet of fall.
Gold and white contrasting gingham with matching rick rack add to the beauty, a very pretty fabric. This is limited material so don't wait too long.
You may wear this throughout the holidays or anytime of the year.

All are Made in the USA and is washable

1940 Enchaned Halloween

Halloween 1940 Enchanted apron #2189 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl 33026 and large $44.95. A very different look and very retro with beautiful white and ivory decorated pumpkins. Silver and shimmering gold highlights with black and white gingham for that added touch.



Enchanted Halloween

Enchanted Halloween is a very limited apron

A very elegant Halloween apron. Grey background with decorated pumpkins, silver and shinny gold adornment make this a very classic looking apron. The 1940 style has gingham on the top and pockets. The Grandma and Aunt Violet has contrasting pockets in gingham.. Very pretty and also classic Trim and black and white rick rack finish this off and it is washable. We have very little of this fabric left so when we are out it is no longer available.


Violet Halloween orange / black

Aunt Violet Halloween apron in Orange and Yellow gingham with purple spiders, 2005 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Dress up in this pretty stylish outfit. Spiders on orange and yellow gingham check. Halloween pockets your sure to enjoy with black rick rack and trim will make this just plain fun.

You may also get this in Orange and Black with purple spiders 2006

Some comments from customers about our aprons, we have many more on our heating pad comment page.

Just wanted you to know how thrilled I am with my new aprons! They are exquisitely made, perfectly beautiful! I must admit that after I ordered them, I had some guilt about the price, but after seeing and wearing them I couldn't be happier...good investment...I will be wearing them for many years to come! Thank you so much!
Karen K

I received the Aprons I ordered this week, they are as beautiful as they appear on the web site. I can't wait for my granddaughters birthday to give them to her. I think she will get a real kick out of us having matching aprons. Also the Christmas cookbook is very awesome, we will have lots of fun with that. Thank you soooo much. Heidi M

Good Morning!
This morning I got up to do my usual ironing, I got my apron that you had made, to iron and put away, and I wanted to write you and thank YOU so much for such a beautiful made apron. My mother was always such a beautiful and picky seamstress and when I showed her OMG she thought it was one of the best she had seen in a VERY long time. So in my heart you really passed the test because she is a tuff cookie to crack...lol...
So Thank you so much and I will be back to order more. You do a beautiful job and what you do is worth every penny. The quality is outstanding.
Thank so much Sincerely
Becky G


Stylish Cloth Face Mask

Made in America

Face Mask red polka dot

Retro Red polka dot Face mask F13 $14.00

Stylish face mask in red polka dots. You have four layers of protection, two layers of cloth and lined with two layers in between. Our face mask is also adjustable with soft elastic and a pull so you can make it smaller or larger for more comfort.

We make these in our pretty fabrics so why not enjoy yourself in a stylish mask that is comfortable.

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